People rule.

Sometimes people make me crazy, but I’d say for the most part….. people are awesome. I was reminded of peoples awesomeness last week, here’s what happened.

A friend of mine has cancer. I’ve known him since 4th grade and his twin sister is my BFF, so he is someone that has always been a part of my life. I know it’s never awesome when anyone has cancer, but it especially makes me mad in this situation because he’s probably one of the nicest people on the planet, and has the coolest wife ever, and they have a one month old baby. I mean really, that’s just not fair. He should not have cancer. 

Sometimes a difficult situation can shed light on the amazing people that surround you. Because he’ll need a bone marrow transplant (and luckily has a sister who is a match) he and his family decided they wanted to do something to raise awareness about becoming a bone marrow or stem cell donor. So they held a bone marrow drive last Tuesday at NHTI. The internets went crazy, there was a Facebook group that was started to get people there. The Concord Monitor wrote a story about it and encouraged people to go get swabbed. CYPN was promoting it and trying to get folks to turn out. And what really struck me was that the Concord Chamber of Commerce sent an email out to the entire community titled “Urgent Request to the Concord Community” strongly urging folks to go to the drive. Their list includes thousands of people in the greater Concord area and I just thought it was so amazing that they used their reach to spread the word about the drive. I sat there reading the email thinking, if we lived in big city, this kind of thing wouldn’t be happening. Sure friends and family would be getting the word out, but the entire Concord community jumped on board to try to do something for their fellow citizen. Where else does stuff like that happen?! 

Volunteers from Bone Marrow Drive at NHTI

The day of the drive 267 people showed up to get swabbed and could potentially be a match for someone who needs a bone marrow transplant. A friend from middle school found out about the drive and drove down from the North Country to deliver hand baked goodies for all the volunteers. Another friend who has moved out of the area sent her parents over because she had seen the post on Facebook. Perfect strangers were there when they saw the story in the Monitor. 

It was a great reminder of the meaning of community. That we live in a small state and we all know each other somehow. That people have a natural inclination to help out and do what they can for others. And that people are awesome. 

For information about how you can get swabbed, please visit DKMS to find out more.  


Anna Moskov is the Senior Major and Planned Gifts Officer at New Hampshire Public Radio. She eats lunch at 10:30am, loves to read, is a major nerd forNHPR, and loves to ride her bike. Her dreamboat of a husband, Boyan Moskov, has his own pottery business, Boyan Pottery, which they manage together and sell his work all over the country. Their three year old son Blake is currently obsessed with helicopters, airplanes, rockets, construction vehicles, the iPad and M&M’s.

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